AfriLabs Collaborates with Leading Hubs for the Talent4Startups Program

AfriLabs, at the forefront of driving innovation in Africa, is excited to announce its collaboration with TechQuest STEM Academy Nigeria, Ibiz Incubation Centre Kenya,

Icealex Egypt, Activspaces Cameroon, and Dream Factory South Africa for the Talent4Startups program. It is an integrated program developed and founded by Digital Africa meeting the needs of African early stage startups to recruit qualified talent, while offering training and then employment opportunities to young people benefiting from dedicated scholarships.

AfriLabs, along with its partners, aims to train 200 youths in five African countries, representing each region of the continent. Notably, 40% of these aspiring youths will be women, highlighting our commitment to fostering gender inclusivity and diversity. This comprehensive training will equip participants with the skills necessary to secure positions in startups across Africa and enhance their professional capacity.

The five vibrant African countries the programme is poised to be implemented in are; Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya and Cameroon all of which are in urgent need of employment training programs according to data on ILO (International Labour Organization).

The consortium of incubation centers, comprising TechQuest STEM Academy, Ibiz Incubation Centre, Icealex, Activspaces, and Dream Factory, brings a wealth of experience to the table especially focused on training young talents for employment and providing them with essential skills.

The program will span 10 weeks, including 6 weeks of technical training, 2 weeks of hands-on training, and 2 weeks of soft skills development, leading up to a job placement activity on the last day which promises to be nothing short of a launching pad to success. Following the training period, participants will undergo a matching process, connecting them with startups and organizations in need of their newfound skills.

“We are excited to be part of this transformative initiative that addresses a critical need in the African startup ecosystem. The Talent4Startups program aligns with AfriLabs’ commitment to fostering innovation and empowering the next generation of tech leaders across the continent,” said Nanko Madu, Director of Programmes at AfriLabs.

The stage is set, and applications for the Talent4startups program are now open! We are inviting individuals from across Africa to seize this opportunity— apply now at Talent4startups before submissions end on the 25th of February.

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